Corporate Overview

明陞体育m88APP-m88app-M88明陞 (NASDAQ: CBPO), is a leading fully integrated plasma-based biopharmaceutical company in China. Our company was founded in 2002 and listed on NASDAQ in 2009.

China Biologic’s core capabilities include plasma collection, and the manufacturing and commercialization of human plasma-based biopharmaceutical products. These products are used as critical therapies during medical emergencies and for the prevention and treatment of life-threatening diseases and immune-deficiency related diseases. Backed by our robust research and development capabilities, we aim to capture substantial value along the entire plasma products value chain, develop technology to enhance our production efficiency, and meet the growing demand of our patients.

Headquartered in Beijing, we manufacture our products through our wholly-owned facility in Guizhou Province, majority-owned facility in Shandong Province, and minority-owned facility in Shaanxi Province. Our well-managed and strategically located plasma collection stations under these facilities secure the raw material to manufacture these products.

As we focus on our core plasma business, we have expanded our product pipeline to include non-plasma biopharmaceutical products and bio-medical device products to complement our market position and expand our base of users in the growing core plasma therapeutic business. With our goal of building a world class biopharmaceutical and biotechnology company, we are committed to improving quality of life and creating value for more patients.

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